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Another Online Exchange with the Wrong Revenue Model charges $15 per month for submitting offers for services, such as writing articles. This rate applies to a 3-month subscription, after the initial free period expires. If you renew your account on a monthly basis, it’s $22 per month. They should charge a fee for each transaction between the client and service provider. This would be a more practical pricing model for the company.

New Topics for Content Marketers

The oddest topics will be available in your folder, but none is more complex than cryptocurrencies. This new digital currency will intrigue everyone, from investors to everyday online shoppers. Be prepared to explain what it is. Afterall, when people search online for information about cryptocurrencies, they should find concise answers.

Many business owners will want content about cryptocurrencies on their websites. This is especially true when more and more shops start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment for goods and services. It’s the wild west of the digital world, and orders for crypto articles are piling up. What is a Cryptocurrency?

Facebook Is Adding Articles to Messenger

facebookinstantarticlesThe popular messaging app on Facebook now will be more informative with links to articles. Facebook hosts articles through a platform called Instant Articles. These articles load extremely fast within Facebook, and now within the Messenger app. These articles are marked with a lighting bolt symbol. The new feature will appear in an update to the Android and iOS versions of Messenger. Here’s more information about the Instant Articles platform.

AMP on Google Looks Great

ampAMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is Google’s open source initiative for publishers on mobile, and it’s impressive. Several news sources are displayed in the mobile web browser at the top of search results. Click the first one to view the article and swipe across the screen to view the next one. The UI looks nice and the stories are easy to read.

The curation aspect of the pages is great for those that like to read different publishers and view different pictures or videos on the same topic. For publishers, AMP is a way to get their content on as many mobile devices as possible.

Publishers can use AMP by adding code to their web pages. An outline of how to do this is available at AMP Project.

Here’s Some Tips for Improving Your Content Marketing Business

ImageAs you might have noticed, you have arrived at my content marketing blog. It might not look like that, but it has several posts that are insightful. Plus, it’s a good place to promote my content. Content doesn’t work unless businesses decide to display it on their website, magazine, or other platforms. Maintaining a blog with case studies from past clients and information valuable to future clients is a good way to keep business’s informed on the benefits of content marketing.

Another thing to consider is expanding your content marketing business. This is just a one man operation right now, but I’m always looking for writers. It’s a good way to take on more contracts for written materials and make more money. An article in Entrepreneur provides more details about this. It includes commentary on the advantages of social media, facts about ROI reporting, and tips for leveraging your clients expertise. Read about it here:

7 Essentials for Making Your Content Marketing Business Thrive

Are You Still Playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds? If So, Check Out AppReviewCentral

AppReviewCentralGet recommendations for every type of smartphone game you can think of at AppReviewCentral. Race car games, first person shooters, space-based games, sports, fighting, board games, and everything in between will be reviewed. Don’t be restricted to the top paid, top free, and most popular categories on Google Play. Find games that are worth playing instead of randomly selecting one. AppReviewCentral is the place to go to find the best games and apps for your Android or iPhone.

McDonald’s Canada and LCBO Created Unique Content Marketing Strategies

mcdonaldsEngaging customers with an open forum and starting a magazine are two unique ways these companies used content marketing to inform the public, increase web traffic, and generate new leads. Check out the 10,000 Questions Campaign that McDonald’s used to generate new content from customers, and Vintages – the magazine started by LCBO to educate customers about wine & spirits.

Increasing Brand Awareness and Audience Through Content Marketing

linkedinIf your company’s website is bare and hardly ever updated, take a look at how ADP took advantage of their LinkedIn page. The company decided to implement a content marketing campaign around their LinkedIn page with the goal of informing customers about ADP’s services and increasing readership. Within a year, the ADP company page doubled its followers to 85,000 and increased the number of impressions from 300 a month to 1.3 million a month. This is a clear example of a well-planned content strategy using LinkedIn pages. Read about it in this case study:

ADP Case Study: Highlighting Thought Leadership with LinkedIn Company Pages


Image Credit: Linkedin

Your Content Company Would Benefit from the Leadership of Joe Olujic

This post brought to you by Brandon Hopkins. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Content Marketing Blog.

In today’s changing content landscape, having an executive that knows how to lead a company is vital to its success. Not only will the company have to traverse issues such as changes in search engine algorithms and new competition from social media sites like Facebook (namely their Instant Articles endeavor), it will have to become profitable by finding the right consumers for their content.

Joe Olujic is an experienced executive capable of taking a new startup and growing it. He was a chief operating officer and chief executive officer in the past. Most of his experience is in the gaming industry. Joe Olujic was listed as one of Global Gaming Business Magazine’s 25 People to Watch in 2014.

He is knowledgeable in hospitality and the financial industry, which he leveraged during his tenure as COO of Osage Casinos. He oversaw the addition of two hotels, which complemented the seven casinos that operate there. Joe eventually became the CEO of Osage Casinos.  

Joe Olujic also served as the assistant general manager of the Oneida Tribe of Indians in Wisconsin. If you have any questions regarding Joe Olujic’s career and outlook on business, visit his website: Joe Olujic

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Websites and Social Channels Inform Buyers with Content

social mediaMore people shop online today than ever before, and most of the time they are looking for information about a particular item. Whether it is product descriptions or reviews, the consumer wants accurate and detailed information displayed in a concise way. The demand for technical content has increased, and most businesses have embraced the Content Era. Read about it here:

How Technical Content Boosts Sales and Customer Loyalty



Image Credit:DigitalRalph from Flickr