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Still Going as a Freelance Writer

May 26, 2013

It’s been more than a year since I posted on my blog, but it wasn’t like it was that active anyway. After a few short weeks, I decided to use this site as a portfolio and concentrate on finding websites that pay independent contractors to write articles. If you have visited this site before, you probably noticed a few changes with it. The most significant is to come, which is more blog posts.

It’s been a hectic 14 months as a freelance writer. The lack of work forces you to write for websites at a rate that is much lower than you are normally used to. Websites that I applied to but never really wrote for (primarily because there were other sites that paid much more) became the only source of income. And finding the log-in info for accounts from one, two, even three years ago wasn’t fun. The search function in my email account is probably the most convenient feature ever invented – if it worked.

I never got used to writing for sites that only pay by ad revenue. It always appeared like too much work for such a small return. I tried this last summer writing recaps of reality TV shows for It was not a pleasant experience.

And so I tried a few other options for earning more. The most successful option was publishing content on Amazon’s Kindle device. Their self-publishing platform allows you to publish content on the Kindle eReader. The same content can also be published on other mobile devices with the Kindle App. You can set the price for your content and advertise it as well.

The second option was to find my own clients. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Cold-calling companies offering to write content for their sites usually ended up with a not interested reply or that they already have a creative team working for them.

I did eventually find a well-paying site to write for though – CopyPress. In fact, this site is the most lucrative I have written for. If I had more work from them, I could probably stop writing 1500 word articles for other sites at a…, lets say, low rate.

I probably have to get a real job though…

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