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Improving This WordPress Site

July 12, 2013

Maintaining a website is time consuming and trying to improve it isn’t easy.

WordPress offers a lot of options for improving your website. If you host your own site (.org), there are numerous plug-ins you can add. But, even if you just use a WordPress hosted site (.com) like this one, there are several options to improve it.

There are several themes that make it easy to build a website. I choose one that let me keep a blog on the home page, instead of a separate page that was linked from the home page. Each new post would appear when a visitor clicks on the site.

The only downside is that I haven’t found out how to shorten the posts with a link to a corresponding page that features the entire blog post (the post title is linked to its own page, though). For now, each blog post will appear in its entirety on the home page. Also, I haven’t found the post limit option (number of posts that appear on the home page) either. I want to limit it to five.

For each post, you can add sharing options such as Facebook, Twitter, email, and other social media options. These sharing tools can be added to each page as well.

Afterward, I was able to create a menu that consisted of the various pages that I wanted to have on the site. I think this is a great way to display info and build the site. Entering text is easy and so is adding pictures and linking to other sites. The gallery options and video embed options help to make each page more creative.

Once the pages are set, I added more options to the site with sidebar and footer widgets. The header is customizable with text and your own banner picture.

Even more options are available if you upgrade to a premium version of WordPress, which includes a custom domain name.

Here is the theme, header options, posts settings, sidebar and footer widgets I used to build this site:

  • Titan Theme
  • Front page displays Latest Posts
  • No picture for header, just text
  • Sidebar widgets: text widget, image widget, recent posts, archive
  • Footer widget: meta widget

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