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Guides, Serials, and eBooks on Amazon KDP

August 16, 2013

UPDATE  June 24, 2020

The eBook mentioned below is now a complete story. It also features some improvements to the narrative and new cover.


Here is the link to The Entrepreneurial Tipping Point at Also, check out my second eBook –
A Clever Relocation for the World.


After writing for a client, you may be waiting a while before you have a new project to work on. One option is to write a book. I wrote two books actually. A third eBook is sill sitting on my desktop, daring me to finish it.

Another option is to publish short stories, instead of full length novels. These short stories could be continued every few months in parts, similar to a serial.

Check out this story:

The Entrepreneurial Tipping Point

The Entrepreneurial Tipping Point is a thrilling, fictional short story that follows the aftermath of one business owner’s decision. It takes you through the drug war in Mexico to the corporate offices of downtown Los Angeles. An eclectic bunch of characters make this story all the more interesting.

If fiction isn’t for you, try producing informative guides about various topics. Here are a few that I have published on Amazon KDP.

A Guide to Herbal Remedies

This guide is about the beneficial properties and side effects of the ginkgo biloba leaf, bupleurum root, and the tienchi plant. There is a chapter on resveratrol, as well, which is a beneficial compound found in red wine. This informative guide provides tips for selecting the purest form of resveratrol and describes which resveratrol source is most effective.

Vacation Destinations in Remote Places

Discover new and exciting places to visit with this travel guide. It covers several vacation destinations including the Mexican town of Playa del Carmen, Larnaca, the Florida Keys, the tiny town of Bedford in Nova Scotia, and several Italian destinations including the Italian islands (Capri, Procida, and Ischia), the Italian lakes (Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, & Lake Lugano), Vesuvius Park, and more. Find the best places to stay, eat, and shop with this guide. Get an overview of the villages in the area, including tourist attractions and activities. It also provides valuable travel information including the best time to visit and how to get around town. It’s the perfect travel companion.

I haven’t actually traveled to these places, if you were wondering. It’s a researched guide that contains useful and interesting info. Amazon KDP is a great resource for writers. You can publish to millions of readers and earn revenue. It’s not that lucrative, but with the right marketing strategy ( don’t have one yet), you could make a lot of money. Try publishing a few guides or short stories, before publishing a book.


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