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Capri Travel Guide

Capri is an Italian island located off the western coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Naples. From the sea, the island appears as a wide, mountainous structure. As one approaches the main harbor, the beauty of this Mediterranean resort destination becomes apparent. The limestone, blue grottos, and lemon trees have attracted travelers to this island for centuries. The island has two towns. Capri is located near the Marina Grande harbor, and Anacapri is located further inland up in the highlands. The island has a population of roughly 12,000.

The journey to Capri begins in Naples. Fly into Naples airport and take a taxi or bus to the ferry ports. If traveling by train, stop at the Stazione Centrale, Piazza Garibaldi, or Mergellina station. From the port, board a ferry or hydrofoil to cross the Gulf of Naples. The ferry ride is about 80 minutes long. If you prefer a quicker trip, the hydrofoil will reduce the time by half.

Expect large crowds upon arriving in Capri. In the peak season, which is generally during the summer months, up to 10,000 tourists visit Capri every day. Vacations in Capri can take place at any time due to the year round Mediterranean climate. The spring and autumn months are considered the best time to visit because it isn’t too hot and the crowds are generally smaller.

The first stop on most Capri itineraries is a visit to the Blue Grotto. It is one of the island’s many underwater caves, but it is the only one that features stunning blue reflections off the water’s surface. The entrance to the cave is roughly three feet above the surface of the water so it’s a tight fit when entering the cave by rowboat. Once inside, the deep blue water encapsulates the entire cave, creating an eerie yet fascinating experience. Objects submerged within the water shine brightly and contrast beautifully with the blue water.

Another must-see attraction in Capri is the Villa San Michele, which is located in the hills of Anacapri. It is a museum with many artifacts including sarcophaguses, busts, Roman paving, and marble columns. There is a study and several pergola-lined walking paths around the villa. From the circular viewpoint, there is a panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples.

On the way back down to Capri, take the Phoenician Steps. This stairway of roughly 800 steps connect Anacapri to the sea. There are breathtaking views of the island and the sea along the path. After reaching sea level, consider taking a dip in the sea on one of the many beaches along the coast. The bay of Marina Piccola features a private beach with a sundeck and a backdrop dotted with the Faraglioni rocks, which stand like guards out in the open sea.

After swimming and sunning, go out shopping at the local craft shops, artist’s studios, and delicatessens. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle or two of Limoncello, which is Capri’s prized spirit. Sample exotic fragrances at Carthusia Perfumes and made-to-wear sandals at Canfora.



Larnaca Travel Guide

Part 1: Traveling to Larnaca

Location and Geography

Larnaca is a city located in the southern region of the Republic of Cyprus. It is part of the Larnaca District, which is one of six administrative districts in Cyprus. Larnaca has a population of about 72,000, which makes it the third largest city on the Mediterranean island. The city has two distinguishable areas: the old city center and the chain of hotels and restaurants known as the Phinikoudes. Its palm tree lined beaches and coastline is a tourist destination. Larnaca vacations are characterized by historical attractions, beautiful beaches, and great shopping.

Travel Destinations and Attractions

The Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement, located on the main road between Larnaca and Lemesos, is a must see. The ruins of the settlement are representative of pre-historic eastern Mediterranean life. It was designated as an UNESCO world heritage site for its excellent condition and historical value.

Another great site to visit is the Salt Lake. Up to 10,000 flamingos flock to this lake in January and February. By August, the lake has dried to the point where a large deposit of salt remains.

Before departing, visit Phinikoudes beach. It is covered with white sands and dotted with small palm trees. During the peak season, sun beds, umbrellas, and water sports are provided.

Getting Around Larnaca

Larnaca is very accessible. The city has an international airport, which is serviced by several major airlines, including Cyprus Airways, Lufthansa, and Hamburg International. Upon arrival, taxis are available to take you to the city center, which is only a few miles from the airport. Once in the city, you can travel to and from the beach front or port by bus. Transportation costs are low and one way to reduce the cost of travel is to use shared taxis. Walking or cycling are great ways to see the city as well.

Part 2: Things to Do

Scuba Diving

The vast coastline of Larnaca has plenty of water activities for you to try including scuba diving. There are several dive sites near Larnaca that are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Most divers are attracted by the sunken ships, particularly the Zenobia Ferry Wreck. Designated snorkeling areas feature abundant fish and other sea life.

Jet skiing, kayaking, and deep sea fishing are a few more things to do. Be sure to visit the marina, which is home to about 200 yachts. From the harbor, the departure and arrival of boats can be seen for miles. The harbor area has several cafes and taverns.

Relax on the Beach

Those that prefer the warm sand and bright sunshine should spend their vacation at any one of the beaches. Alaminos, Castella, Mckenzie, Ellinas and Yannathes are all popular beaches at Larnaca. Most are equipped with shower stations and changing rooms. Beach accessories such as sun beds and umbrellas are also available. Swimmers and sunbathers have easy access restaurants, bars, mini markets, and hotels, all of which are just a few paces from the sand.

Visit Museums

Visiting a museum may not be the most interesting way to spend your time, but rest assured, the cultural exposure will give you insight into Larnaca and Cyprus. The Pierides Foundation Archaeological Museum contains artifacts and art from all over Cyprus. Most of the works are from the Roman, Byzantine, and Middle Ages. Another museum to visit while on a Larnaca holiday is the Larnaca Medieval Museum. It is located in the Larnaca Fort, which was built in the 14th century.

Go Shopping

Before departing, check out the local stores and shops. Custom made jewelry is available at Oro Fino Jewellery, which is a few steps from Foinikoudes beach. They specialize in Greek and Italian design. If you are looking for designer clothing, then look no further than 34 The Shop. For local trinkets, visit Dimiourgia L.Z. Ltd. A complete Larnaca vacation includes a visit to the Zenon Kitieos Street. It is considered the main shopping area of Larnaca. This road is lined with several shops and open fruit and vegetable markets.

Part 3: Accommodations

Eleonora Hotel Apts

Eleonora Hotel Apts offers studio apartments or two bedroom apartments. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, large closets, and contemporary furniture. Guests staying at Elenoroa Hotel Apts receive complementary sun beds and umbrellas on Phinikoudes Beach. In fact, they are reserved on the beach, so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot. The hotel features a 24 hour reception desk to accommodate most requests. Also, there is a beauty salon, which offers beauty treatments for guests. The apartments have a balcony with views of Ermou Square. You can select smoking or non-smoking rooms. Parking is free.

Flamingo Beach Hotel

Flamingo Beach Hotel is close to the airport and is located right on Mackenzie Beach. Have a drink at the open air bar, which is located on the patio of the three star hotel. If you prefer, wait with friends in the TV lounge. Guest can dine in the hotel restaurant, which serves local delicacies. The hotel also features a business center, game room, and conference room. The hotel is family friendly, offering free accommodations for children under 12 years of age. Take advantage of the hotel’s dry cleaning service and 24 hour room service. Also, the hotel has a high speed internet connection, which it offers to guest free of charge. In total, there are 64 double rooms featuring the latest amenities including satellite tv, hair dryer, and telephone. The rooms have a breathtaking view of the sea.

Crown Resorts Henipa

Crown Resorts Henipa is a fine place to stay during your vacation in Larnaca. It is conveniently located near the beach and is accessible on Dhekelia Road. The hotel features a large central pool that is surrounded by an expansive deck and lined with sun beds and umbrellas. There are 164 rooms, including six suites, 40 bungalows, and eight handicap accessible rooms. All rooms have a balcony with a great view. An unique feature of the rooms is a centralized music system. The hotel has a cocktail bar, which serves various drinks indoors, and a pool bar, which serves drinks at the pool. There is a restaurant, tennis court, and a billiards room as well.

Part 4: Weather

Yearly Climate of Larnaca

The climate in Larnaca is characterized by warm, dry summers and mild wet winters. The average annual temperature for Cyprus is 68°F. The average temperature in January is 54°F, and the average temperature in July is 81°F.

Best Time to Travel

The best time for beachgoers is between June and August. This period is characterized by long, hot days and warm nights. For a slightly cooler climate, consider traveling to Larnaca in May or September. This is probably the best time for guided tours of the historical sites and cycling.

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