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Well-Written Content Still Matters

contentIf you are launching a new website for your business, adding quality content is still a great way to attract search engine queries, despite the numerous online sources available to the web surfer. But what should you expect from your writer to maximize search engine optimization and increase web traffic to your website? Here are a few things to look for:

SEO Elements: What’s Essential for Your Web Content?


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New Voice Search Queries Affect Website’s SEO Efforts

seoIf your business’s web traffic has declined, it may be due to the increase in voice searches, especially on mobile devices. Updating articles, blogs and other website copy with relevant information early in the body of the content may help compete with the growing trend of direct answers provided by search engines like Google and Bing. Read about it here:

Voice Search and Google “Direct Answers” are Changing SEO

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When Was the Last Time You Used Cursive Writing?

blackboard-209152_1280Some school districts have stopped teaching cursive writing. It is one of many subjects that are left out of the public school curriculum in some counties due to a variety of issues including budget cuts, overcrowded schools, under-educated or foreign teachers, and dumb students. These reasons aren’t the ones sited in the following article. It discusses something close to compartmentalized education, where the goal of the education is to prepare the students for the world they will live in or the job they will perform. And cursive writing isn’t a skill that is required for most professions or societies. Personally, I only sign my name in cursive. Read about this growing trend in this article:

Heyday of cursive writing is over

Gain Job Security and a Better Salary

5899676716_ff0d235315_zIf you aren’t making enough money as an independent contractor, consider leveraging your freelance career and apply for a job at a company.



10 Big Companies That Hire Freelancers

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Writing is One Thing You Shouldn’t Automate

8721968813_4c65eb6473_zA new startup named Persado automatically creates and tests new marketing emails. This will only lead to the automation of writers, which probably has already happened.

Automated Copywriting Startup Persado Raises $21M

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Insights from 20 Songwriters and Artists

1167273282_da91962a4e_zWriting a song isn’t easy, but that shouldn’t stop you from writing one when inspiration strikes. Here is some helpful advice from popular country music songwriters:


Songwriting 101: Top 10 Tips from Country Songwriters

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Write Better Amazon Reviews – If You Can

customerreviewspicsImprove your review posts with these helpful tips. It will make your Amazon reviews more insightful.

Tips for Writing Amazon Reviews

Bazaar of Bad Dreams

quotestephenkingStephen King is releasing a new collection of short stories called the Bazaar of Bad Dreams. It includes his insights regarding the writing process which were first published in his 2000 book, On Writings. Read about it here.

Stephen King to share writing tips in new short story collection

Keep Your Blog Interesting With Guest Posts

4109461394_5c9af55522_oIf you’re not inspired to write anything on your blog, consider adding guest bloggers to your website.

3 Reasons Why Guest Blogging Still Matters

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Reduce Your Costs By Taking Advantage of Businesses

7510494540_2717efbbb3_zWhether it’s the library or coffee shops, there’s plenty of places to sit around and do nothing. Just don’t draw too much attention while using free Wi-Fi or charging laptops. Here are some tips for writing somewhere other than your office.

Don’t Do This at Coffee Shops



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