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How Often Does a Leopard Gecko Shed Its Skin?
Leopard geckos shed their skin regularly. This article explains why shedding is necessary, and it describes how the process affects the health of the gecko.


Optimum Reef Tank Temperature
There are several things to consider before setting the water temperature in a reef tank. This article suggests an optimum temperature and explains the effects of water that is too warm or too cool.


Different Types of Turtles
Pet stores offer several types of turtles. See which one is right for you.





Introduction to Biotope Aquariums
This article describes several biotopes. It includes information about the type of fish, plant, substrate, and water condition that is present in each biotope.


Chytrid Fungus & Frogs
Frogs are affected by the chytrid fungus. Read about the symptoms of this infection and how it is transmitted.


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