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Electric Yellow Cichlid Care and Tank Requirements

Fresh water aquariums are stocked with many types of fish, but few grab your attention like the Electric Yellow Cichlid. This brightly colored cichlid livens up any fresh water tank community. But before purchasing it, consider its feeding requirements, compatibility with other fish, and tank requirements.

Classification, Distribution, and Description

The scientific name for the Electric Yellow Cichlid is Labidochromis caeruleus, and it is part of the Cichlidae animal family. Other names for this freshwater fish include Lemon Drop or Yellow Lab due to its bright yellow color. Males are larger than females and have darkly colored fins. The average Electric Yellow Cichlid is eight inches long, and most are found in Lake Malawi, which is located in the southeastern part of Africa.

Diet and Behavior

This fish eats plants and meat. In the wild, it feeds on algae, insects, mollusks, and snails. It uses its long teeth to grab onto prey that are lodged in small crevices. In captivity, it is recommended to provide a varied diet. Both live food and flakes provide a nutritious blend for this fish. Consider feeding it vegetable based flakes and brine shrimp. Occasionally, add blood worms to the diet. This cichlid isn’t aggressive; most of the time, this fish calmly swim from one side of the tank to the other. It doesn’t attack other fish, so it is safe to introduce it into various fish communities. This fish doesn’t burrow into the gravel or pick at decorative plants.

Tank Requirements

The ideal tank size for this species is about 65 gallons, and the water temperature should be between 75 and 79°F. This fish requires alkaline water with a pH between 7.2 and 8.8, and it requires hard water measuring between 10 and 20°dGH. The environment within the tank should have several hiding spots. Hollowed out rocks are ideal places for this fish to rest and to spawn. Tree bark is benefical as well; it will collect algae – a source of nutrition. Avoid placing too many standing plants that block swimming paths across the tank.


The Electric Yellow Cichlid is described as a ovophile mouth brooder, which is a type of reproduction where the female deposits the eggs into a pit and then scoops them up into her mouth after fertilization. The eggs hatch inside the mouth, and the young are held there for several weeks. As many as 30 fishes can fit inside the mouth of the female. This species is capable of reproduction at six months of age; it is about two inches in length by this point.

If you are considering adding an Electric Yellow Cichlid to your fresh water aquarium, take into account these requirements. It requires a large tank containing alkaline, hard water with a temperature in the upper 70s. A daily supply of food flakes and brine shrimp is essential for its health. Finally, consider the contrast between the bright yellow and the rest of the colors in the tank.



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