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Herbal Medicine

What Is Bilberry Extract?
This article summarizes the health benefits and side effects of bilberry extract. It focuses on the properties of anthocyanidin and tannin, which are compounds found in bilberries.



What Are the Medical Uses of Bupleurum Root?
Bupleurum root is a common ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine. Read about its benefits and side effects in this article.



How Do I Choose the Best Resveratrol Products?
Be able to identify products that contain the beneficial compound resveratrol. This article explains the difference between cis and trans resveratrol.








Overview of the Grapefruit Flavonoid Naringin
Naringin is the chemical compound in grapefruit that is responsible for its bitter taste. Read about its beneficial properties in this article.



What is Tienchi?

Tienchi is a plant used in Chinese medicine to stop bleeding and reduce bruising. Read about the benefits of ginsenosides and flavonoids.

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