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Vacation Planning Apps

The following list features useful and well-designed websites and apps for travelers.

1. Get Ready to Travel with Trip Planning Pro

With this app, it is easy to create a packing list and plan activities with detailed itineraries. Touch the smartphone screen to check-off items as you pack them, and swipe the screen to view the next section of the app. Keep track of activities and let friends know about the trip with sharing options. It is available on iOS and Android devices.

2. TripIt – The All-In-One Travel Organizer

Receive a concise itinerary with every travel detail with TripIt. Just email flight confirmations, hotel reservations, and other booking information related to the vacation to TripIt will generate a single itinerary containing all your travel information along with local maps, driving directions, and weather forecasts. Print it out or access it online wherever you are with the TripIt app. It’s available on iOS, Android devices, BlackBerry, and Windows phone.

3. Get Directions, Live Traffic Data, and Local Information with Google Maps

With Google Maps, you have access to maps of 220 countries and territories. These maps are detailed and provide all sorts of information. It includes views of the city at map level (overhead grid maps), street level (360° photos), and from space (satellite imagery). It even provides information about the interior of buildings such as the various stores located in a mall. This app provides voice-guided directions while driving, biking, or walking using GPS data, and it populates maps with nearby businesses such as restaurants, shops, and hotels. It’s the perfect travel companion. Google Maps is available on the iPhone, Android devices, and desktop computers.

4. Stay Connected During Business Trips With WorldMate

If you’re traveling for business reasons, use WorldMate. This app lets you book flights and find alternatives when flights are canceled. It automatically customizes your booking service based on preferences and previous trips. It also provides a connection to your professional contacts on LinkedIn. The app will alert you when you are near these people in the cities you travel to. WorldMate also features itinerary management and maps. One particularly useful feature is the time and currency converter. This will let you know what the local time is and how much local goods cost.

5. Discover Unknown Travel Destinations with Roadtrippers

Stop at filming locations, scenic spots, diners, and other offbeat attractions with Roadtrippers. This app provides photos, descriptions, ratings, and reviews of these places. Create detailed itineraries of your own, or sync your smartphone with pre-planned trips featured on the Roadtrippers website. Some of the popular road trip itineraries include Route 66, I-95, the Oregon Trail, the Grand Canyon road trip, and the USA filming locations road trip. While traveling, add your own reviews easily from the app. If you happen to travel through Kissimmee, FL stay at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center. Read about this hotel at Gogobot.

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