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Top 10 Cringe-worthy Sporting Fails

1. US Gymnast Brian Meeker Runs Into Vault

Either the springboard was in the wrong place, or this gymnast took one step too many. The result is an impact that hurts to watch.

2. Soccer Player Misses Open Goal

You don’t have to be a professional soccer player to make this goal. But if you are one like this player, it doesn’t guarantee you will score either.

3. The Texans Have Two Chances to Make a 2 Point Conversion

A false start costs the Texans a few yards. Their second attempt at a 2-point conversion ends even worse.

4. Fat Men Can’t Dunk

This dunk attempt by a fan wasn’t successful, but you’ve got to admire his form and his commitment.

5. Catcher Thinks He has the Runner

This base runner has an idea to get past the catcher. If you blink, you might miss it.

6. This Guy Might Start A Riot

Hockey fans probably were pulling their hair out after this player missed an open net in the waning seconds of a game. That might have been forgiven, if it weren’t for what happened next.

7. MMA Fighter Knocks Himself Out

If you are going to throw a kick, make sure you hit something. Otherwise, you’d better be able to spin through it and defend yourself at the same time. If not, this might happen.

8. Weightlifter Can’t Lift

It’s amazing watching a weightlifter lifting an incredible amount of weight off the ground. There is an especially interesting moment in the clean and jerk, where the weightlifter rests after exerting so much effort to hoist the weight off the ground. As the weightlifter holds the heavy weight, expectation builds. Will the weightlifter perform the second part of the lift, which is to press the weight over their head? This is probably the most unexpected result.

9. Olympic Diver Stephan Feck Hits the Water Hard

On this dive, the 10th row of the aquatic center felt the splash.

10. Pole Vaulter Doesn’t Push the Pole Away





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